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In my view the complexity of any expensive ebike requires proven long term service support. Hopefully you'll never need it. Think about the nightmares if your dealer folds. One of the big reasons I chose the SMART for ONE from Mercedes/Daimler is their proven service availability 150 + years. I believe SMART hired Grace to help with their design and it shows - great value in my 1300 Km experience - no problems nor fear of legendary Mercedes support disappearing.
Even if the MX2 require very little maintenance (Carbon drive + NiVinci + Bosch performance line), I would recommend to find a dealer nearby. Going thru the different forums I have seen that some people had defective components to begin with (some Perfomance Line defective batteries or chargers for example). In such case, it's always better to have a dealer nearby to take care of it ...


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You might want to give Crazy Lenny a call. He is one of the biggest dealers nationwide. When I had an issue 1000 miles from where his shop is he came through and took care of my wife's bike above and beyond. They said they will be carrying Grace.


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Excellent combo.
What is the range that you're seeing on your bike?
I use the MX2 to commute on a daily basis (18km back & forth, 250m elevation). I ride in turbo mode, with light on as it's quite dark now. THis will drain a bit less than 50% of the battery.
So overall, I would say around 45km range in turbo mode

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There are others that have owned both and can speak from direct experience, but it is really about torque VS more speed at the top end. Do you want to trail/mountain bike or go for distance. -S


I'm using it for commuting. Right now I live in Orlando, FL so I have absolutely no hills whatsoever, but I'm considering moving to atlanta after I graduate college in June so it's a possibility that I may need to tackle the hills. Either way it's a commuter bike.

It's been about 3 months that I've got my Grace MX II Urban S-Pedelec with front suspension fork, rack & fenders and added a Cane Creek Thudbuster ST for comfort like @JLNJLNJLN did on his.

Overall, I'm definitely pleased with this bike! In fact, I look forward to riding my transporter every morning on my short commute to my company's vanpool and back in the evening and for my other errands around town. I don't like driving my car and much prefer commuting by bike. However, with my Trek 7500, I felt rather limited in several ways:
  • mechanical dérailleurs need regular maintenance and adjustment -- eliminating this hassle was an absolute must for me
  • traffic around here is often congested -- this perversely limited how fast I could ride before coughing

I spent several months looking for various options -- basically, I wanted:
  • a carbon gates belt drive (no chain!)
  • an internal hub (NuVinci or Rohloff)
  • a bike designed for commuting (i.e., fenders, racks)

In May 2014 when I ordered my bike, the Grace MX II Urban was the only e-bike that I found that met all of these criteria. After tested other bikes -- Specialized Turbo S, Stromer ST1 (both great bikes except for the chain & cassette!) -- I began looking for a dealer brave enough to order a Grace for me. Bike Attack in Santa Monica was the only one I found in the area that considered doing this and I'm glad I did!

Recently, the cable of the NuVinci broke -- one of the 2 houses was completely disconnected from the handle. It's a strange experience to hear some girding noises. Fortunately, the service guys at Bike Attack fixed that -- no problem.

The only gripe I have with the bike is that the front fenders did not come with any attachment at the bottom!

Nicolas' Transporteur Small.jpg

As seen in the above picture, there isn't much space between the tire and the bottom of the fender which means that it has a tendency to flap against the tire under changes of acceleration! It's really annoying.

I have been trying to find what is the attachment / clamp mechanism used on the the new Grace Urban -- see:
From the Grace MX II manual, the fender itself is a Curana C-Lite 26"x60mm.
If anyone has suggestions about this, please let me know!

- Nicolas.