Gravity Monster, good for the most part but (Brakes, Seat, Pedals)


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Assembled the new bike, that was easys enough. Climbed on it broke foot and all to give a spin in the subdivision where we live. Its much easier to ride a bike with a broke foot as it is to walking.

Not sure if I'm used to the brakes on my dirt bikes or if the brakes my new ebike are lacking. I may need to stand on them harder. Will take another spin today. I may be 64, but still have some live life with reckless abandon LOL. Also have some down hills on the logging roads I will be riding in the dark and don't want to get over my head because of brakes. The main purpose of this ebike is a hunting rig.

Even though I never ride my Specialized Comfort bike, it has a really nice suspension seat post. I may look into this but know very little on the subject of seat posts. Maybe not needed with a fat tire bike with 10 pounds of air in the back tire.

WIth me being a big guy over 6 ft and 230, there looks to be a lot of over sized seat options.

As uninformed as I am, the pedals seem to work, but look to be one side larger than other. Doesn't make sense in the dark. I may not be able to tell the difference. I know I can't with my right foot, soft cast and boot!!!

If anybody has comments on aftermarket brakes, please comment. Same for suspension seat post and over sized seat.

Thanks, Billy