Great Article re Ravi!


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Wish I knew his route and could track him as I was driving cross country with my Bomber and Juiced Rider, I would have done a few miles with him .

Ann M.

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So, here's an update that Court made yesterday, meeting Ravi outside Estes Park in Colorado, the goal is 5000 miles in 30 days to make a Guiness World Record. Ravi's riding with the classic best saddle, a Brooks on a Body Float seat post.

I drove up to Estes Park Colorado to meet Ravi Kempaiah for his Guinness World Record attempt at riding an electric bike 5,000 miles in just 30 days. He was about half way through his trip at the time and we were riding just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park in the rain.

Some of the Gear Ravi used for this trip includes the Stromer ST2 S, A Garmin 520 cycle computer GPS, Carbon fiber handle bar, an Aluminum Body Float suspension seat post, a bell, a Topeak disc brake compatible rear rack with a Topeak trunk bag as well as three extra batteries and parts in a chase van.

Ravi said he has been riding 150 to 200 miles per day and that he targets the morning and late afternoon / evening hours because it’s cooler. He said that so far flat tires have been the only major issue (having had three at the 2,100 mile mark) and he was using the Schwalbe Marathon Plus with Smart Guard puncture protection.


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Nice! The blog on Lenny's site is a good status report.
He's even in newsweek!
And we knew him when...


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Wow. He's got 1600 miles left and wants to be at the finish in a week from Saturday (8-20). Some long riding days lie ahead. Wishing him good weather, no bike issues, and careful car drivers.


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Still no info of the elevation gain for the ride.

The mileage and record doesn't interest me, but the elevation gain does.
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