Great company to deal with

I posted on a different thread about my negative experiences with a different company.

I'm posting here because I've had a completely opposite experience with CiviBikes.

A bike was shipped without keys and my customer who is partially disabled purchased that CiviBikes electric bike from me.

He had scheduled a trip and had to have an electric bike to be able to go. If he didn't get it he would have to cancel his trip. He received the bike the day before his trip but as I said, no keys.

I contacted Felix of CiviBikes and after deciding what was the best way to handle it, he did just that. He overnighted the lock portion which is detachable from the battery with a few screws.

He also made sure we knew he needed to charge the battery first before removing that part so it would be ready to go after he screwed on the new part.

Felix shipped it by air and early morning delivery.

THAT my friends, is how you service the customer and guarantee future business.

I want to thank Felix and CiviBikes for their excellent customer service and to let current and future CiviBikes dealers know of it.