Great Looking, Environmentally Friendly Bicycle Bags and Baskets by BASIL


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Hi guys! I'm moving some content off of the main site and into the most relevant categories of the forum. This post was originally made on August 24th 2012:


In my search for the perfect electric bike setup I stumbled across BASIL bags at a local bike shop in Austin TX. This year at Interbike I was able to learn more about the brand, which started in the Netherlands, and see a wider selection of their products.

I personally own the Elements Double Bag in faded brown and love it! It matches my setup, works great with the wider non-standard rack that houses my battery pack and has plenty of capacity for work items, u-lock and cables or groceries. A lot of electric bikes have wider tubing on their rear racks to add strength for carrying batteries and this makes it harder to connect panniers. A bag like the Element solves this with it’s wider top strapping and four adjustable tie down spots. I’ve been using the bag daily, leaving it on my bike even when locking up outside, and the durability and weather resistance has performed very well. Check out some of the BASIL bags and learn more in the video interview below.

These bags are water-repellent and made of recycled meterials. They come in many colors and patterns (mostly in girlish styles with flowers) and use artificial leather. Even though mine has a pink flowery interior, the exterior is plain and fits my bike well. Being a guy, it’s nice that they have a few plain styles… but hey, who doesn’t like flowers every once in a while? The main compartment has a draw sinch string to secure contents and there are two outer pockets, one at each end, for bottles or your phone etc. All in all, this bag has plenty of carrying capacity.

My bag attaches with two black canvas straps that connect easily and hold very securely using a double back system with sliding metal locker. Some of the baskets and other bags use metal or plastic connectors and a few of BASIL’s products are designed to be carried or worn when not in use with a bike which is pretty cool.


I like these products because they are made well, environmentally conscious in the materials they use and they look great. One of the major advantages of riding an electric bike is their carrying capacity but in order to take advantage of it you need a bag. I highly recommend BASIL and have not been endorsed at all to say this, it’s just good stuff :)

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