Greetings from Aberdeen Scotland


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Hello everyone, this is my first post after recently buying my first e-bike at the age of 60, after a small break from cycling of about 30 years!!
I decided to go for a brand with a quality legacy, a Raleigh Motus Grand Tour (Photo attached) which has a Bosch Active Line Plus motor and the 500wh power pack.
I have been very pleased with the bike and get out for a ride every day, trying to find as many hills as I can so that I can glide up them with the greatest of ease.
I have to admit to adding a few comfort and convenience upgrades over the last few weeks, namely a Redshift Shockstop seatpost (amazing!) a Brooks C17 saddle; Ergon GC17 grips; Wellgo Magnesium pedals and Ortleib Back Roller panniers. With the bike being totally black I thought the yellow panniers and the gold pedals would add a bit of visibility.
I have watched and enjoyed many of Court’s excellent reviews to get as many invaluable hints and tips about riding my e-bike as I can. His in-depth and honest assessments are extremely helpful.
I look forward to adding further posts with updates on my renewed love of cycling, all thanks to the world of e-bikes.
Ride safe!


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Welcome to the forum! Nice looking bike you have there. (I've got the same panniers, and I'm very happy with them.) I'm not quite "feeling" those yellow pedals though. Perhaps if you added something else yellow, maybe near the front it might balance out better. In the old days we would have done it with handlebar tape but that's not going to work there.

Ride in good health!


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Thanks Mtl_Biker, I suppose the gold pedals are all about personal taste, something about them spoke to me😊


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Welcome Grabags, that is a good looking bike. Lots of information here and friendly people. Keep on riding and enjoy.


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Thanks Bigal1463, I look forward to learning from all the e-bike experts on the forum.
I see you are from Boston, which is one of my all time favourite vacation cities. Go Redsox!!