Greetings from Ebike sharing pionner

Ivan Steimer

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I'm Ivan Steimer from Wattworld in Switzerland.

Just want to introduce our small company.

Wattworld was created in 2004 as an ebike pionner in Geneva, Switzerland. We produce and sell electrical bikes for more than 12 years and we keep enjoying it every day!
We sold many chinese made ebikes until year 2010 when we moved our production in Europe!
At the same period, we launched one of the very first ebike sharing solution. Mainly focus on company owned fleet at the beginning, we have installed and commissioned several public ebike sharing since then.
We're not operator, we produce and sell the full package to our partner arround the globe.
We're now present in more than 8 countries from Norway to Australia!

If you have any interest in our solution, please check out
You will see there our ebike brand "watts", our local shop and our ebike sharing solution called "mobility parc".

We'll be more than happy to get in touch with you!

Keep on riding


Ann M.

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Welcome to the Forum, @Ivan Steimer , Although it must have been a big leap to move Wattworld production closer to home, I know your company and the surrounding community have benefited from that choice. Bike sharing programs are just starting to grow here with only a few with electric bikes so it's great to hear of your success. We look forward to hearing more.