Greetings from Kansas


Hi all, I'm an elderly gent just having received my first e-bike - a Lectric XP, and new to the forum. WOW, where were these things when I was a kid? I'll post more detailed impressions after I get a few more miles on it, but for now I can summarize that I'm very happy with it. The impetus for me acquiring this new toy at my age is that my wife and I installed a 13Kw solar installation for our home, and have received several single-digit electric bills since! I've also put a small off-grid solar system on my shop building and only connect it to the house when I need more power than the system provides. I've been looking at possibly getting an electric car, figuring I could charge it for free, but in the meanwhile decided to try EV locomotion on two wheels. I happened to see a YouTube video of a guy reviewing the Lectric XP and was so impressed I ordered one. It arrived earlier this week, and despite the cold weather I've managed several short (4-mile) rides. Promptly ordered a spare battery and will cobble up a bracket to carry it on the bike. I'm a retired Army guy with an electronics background, a ham radio operator for 60 years, fly giant-scale RC planes - some solar-charged electrics, play the guitar (left-handed and upside down), build guitar amplifiers from scratch, scuba dive, target shoot, reload, and a bunch of other hobbies that I don't have enough time to pursue. This turns out to be a less-than-ideal time to get into electric biking here in Kansas, but we occasionally have mild days that I can get out and ride. I plan to charge my bike's batteries with solar power - when the sun shines, that is! Looking forward to learning all I can from the community here.



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Welcome to the site. Glad there have been a few nice days.
We have so many rainy days here that solar won't pay. But my bike uses so little electricity I don't feel guilty about our coal fired plant.