Greetings from Saarfend


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United Kingdom
Hello from (currently cold) Southend-on-Sea! (That's in the UK, 40-ish miles east of London).

I joined this august forum today, having taken collection of my R & M Homage yesterday.

I've ridden Rohloff hubs almost exclusively and my hitherto main ride is a Thorn Raven Sport Tour. It's a wonderful bike and I've ridden over 41,000 on it. Also, my wife and I have a couple of tandems, one of which has e-assist (Circe Helios).

I'm rapidly approaching 68 years old and my recent 38-mile ride left me rather more knackered than usual, so I started to research e-bikes. I wanted another Rohloff so it seemed that R & M was the way to go. But what a price... but I know I would have been dissatisfied with anything else, so I suppose it's just to feed my addiction.


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Welcome the site & the electric side of the hobby. I'm sure you'll enjoy your new ride.
Ever ride the Romney Hythe train in the marshes? Whoops, I just checked Shell guide to England. Southend-on-Sea is on the north bank of the Thames.