Greetings from Washington


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I don't believe this was here when I first started posting. I've mostly been lurking since I first started posting back in June (?).

I live in Washington and I'm an avid, but slightly out of shape, bicycle enthusiast. I've had several failed attempts to use my bicycle as permanent transportation locally, and that's when I finally decided to look into using an electric assist bicycle for the extra encouragement.

So far I've used a RideKick trailer with my Kona Dr. Dew. I have since decided to move on from the RideKick and I ordered a BH Easy Motion Xenion Cross. Hopefully this bike will fill my needs, and if not I'll continue to search for the right fit.

Ride safe!

Chris Ransom

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Glad to meet ya. I'm in Edmonds Wa. Right outside of Seattle!!! And I'm looking forward to getting out of my car and commuting to the city on nice days!!!

E-Bike Chris.