Greetings from Wenatchee, in north central Washington State


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Our town is located at the confluence of the Columbia and Wenatchee rivers, with 20+ miles of paved riverfront pathways and an abundance of other ebike friendly routes. We've been here for over 20 years and love the place. In our early 70s and retired, we've slowed down quite a bit. We still get plenty of exercise but find ourselves biking a whole lot less these days. This past year I became aware of electric bikes and began researching them. I kicked tires and tried out Specialized and Trek models at our local bike shops and was hooked. As much as I'd prefer to buy local, with all the benefits that come from that, they are rather expensive. A couple other smaller bike shops in the area just didn't have what we were looking for. Long story sort, after reading/watching a lot of reviews by Court and others I just ordered a couple of Ebikes from Surface 604. Surface 604 is located not too far from here in the Vancouver, BC, area, so it's sort of like buying local - well, almost. Company sales folks say we should receive our Ebikes around the first week of June. Can't wait!


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Congrats on the new bikes and welcome. I've always had a high regard for the Surface 604 products.

I remember a fun trip I took up to the Wenatchee area some years back to pick up a used vehicle. Beautiful area, and fortunately a pretty uneventful trip home. ;)