Greetings. Range Finder from Oviedo, Florida.


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I have been shopping for the longest range ebike under $3500 for the last 3 months. I like the dual battery design more than carrying extra batteries.
One item on my bucket list is to ride my bike to the beach which is 57 miles away. My current ride I bought new in 2011, a 20" 700c Diamondback Trace Sport. We, my bike and I have been to most of the bike trails in my area and a few in Orlando. I don't own a car since I sold my last broken one around 2012. Too much of a hassle and expense owning a car. The only thing I miss is climate control.
I do my grocery shopping with my bike. I can pack about 3-4 weeks worth in one trip without any paper products. Maybe once I had to return an item or two as I couldn't fit them on the bike. It is amazing how much room you have with shopping panniers, strong rear rack and a bungee cargo net.
Alot of the ebikes I might want have the lamest rear racks. How much more can it cost to have rear rack bosses available with the lame rack? Can I just have the cool fenders and you keep the lame rack? Nope, the lame rack goes with the cool fenders.

I know I should try out some ebikes before I buy, but I don't like researching in person knowing that I will be buying online. I did check ebike sellers in my area and they have nothing I would want to buy from looking at their webpages.
I enjoy doing the researching online as there is so much to learn. I do the same when building a new or upgrading a PC.

Another concern I have is I cannot keep the ebike indoors as I would prefer. I keep my current bike under a oversized tarp that does a good job keeping the bike clean and dry, but no electronics onboard.
With an ebike I would take the battery inside to charge leaving all the other electronics under the tarp. Will that be ok? Being in Florida there also is the humidity too. I have this image of an early death for my ebike or is there more I could do keep it better protected?
Should there be no worries about having the ebike outside with my analog bicycle, I have a pending choice of two ebikes:
Rize or the Rize MD either one with dual batteries. Both are basically the same bike with different motors. I was leaning towards the mid drive, but have gone back to the rear hub drive as there aren't many killer hills in Florida. I'm not a big gear shifter either.

There could be an ebike I haven't seen, that you the kind reader might know I would like better than either one of the Rizes. Any suggestions are welcomed by me. Long range means alot more to me than speed.
Cheers, Dave