Group riding communications?


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I've been a gamer for about 15 years. We've used various software for in game communications. Ventrillo, Teamspeak, and now Discord. Discord has evloved to include a phone app. It can be used as tap to talk or mic open. I'm wondering if anyone uses discord for group riding communications? Obviously, without cell service this isn't an option. But it seems like it could be a viable option for group riding comms. Being able to communicate with your friends from a different parts of the planet while riding could be useful? Different groups on different rides or at different events could also communicate with each other. Using the rythm bot users could potentially listen to any song/artist/podcast/ebook together at the same time if preferred. I've seen some of the new helmets that include built in headsets for couples...I guess. But they're quite pricey and I'm not even sure what tech is used in those. Discord is completely free and many people already own a bluetooth mic/earpiece/phone of some kind. Of course, some prefer to hear their surroundings and don't want music or comms. I prefer silence sometimes and comms/music othes times depending on what type of ride I'm on. I made a quick free ebike discord server if anyone is interested in trying it. I have no clue if this would work for ebike rider comms or not. Just tinkering. Pretty simple though. A user can click a voice channel to start his/her own channel that any other user can join. It's set up to auto create a channel when the first user clicks. It auto deletes the voice channel when the last person leaves. Anyway, I look forward to any thoughts about this or results of trying it. It's new so there aren't any members. Feel free to poke around and use it if you want/can. Here's an invite link to the discord server...