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Update; 8/25/22

Anyone have a working email address for Addmotor's service dept? Could they be shut down for the COVID? Since posting my "torque" post below I've sent three separate emails to sales@addmotor.com and three to service@addmotor.com. I received one reply from sales but none of the other emails to service have been answered.

BTW: Anyone know what's so about Addmotor's advertised wattage for the M-350 A? They say 750w but elsewhere it reads 500w / 1000W peak. Given my starting from standstill problem, is it possible I have a 500w motor? I'm having problems going up long gradual inclines. My old 1000W LEAF ebike could maintain 20mph with my inclines. My new M-350 averages 20 mph but it slows down to 10 mph on these same inclines. On my first 100 yard practice test drive the 30 amp ceramic fuse blew. The new fuse has been working for 60 miles. The display always reads 1000W.

The instructions read: Turn on power and press the + or - button to select the tire size. I don't see anything on the LCD display to indicate that pressing the + or - buttons make a difference. The same instructions don't work to check/adjust the speed. My top speed on level roads is consistently 20+ mph.

I don't care about going faster, I just don't want to slow down to 10 MPH.

I'm looking for a fix:

To increase the torque of my 24" x 4" Bafang FM G060.750.D081 --- F6V7160616. Model: EB3572A R/B24. Fork SN: PS2136907


to upgrade to a 24" 1000W front motor.

I don't mind paying for a new 1000w motor and controller that will fit between my forks.

Here's my original post that I have since emailed to Addmotor along with the above.

Can I improve the torque on my 750w 24" fat front tire Bafang motor, FM G060.750.D081 --- F6V7160616?

I'm Ok with the 20 MPH but the 750 watt motor drags going up a gradual incline and 50% of the time from new start, it won't move unless I move the trike back and forth.

If a hack is not possible I'm wondering if I could swap the M-350 A's 24" fat front tire 750w motor and rim with another 24" fat front tire but with a 1000w (actual) motor and rim?

Note: Addmotor says one can't exchange their 24" 750W with a 24" 1000W motor on the M-350 A. This means a fat 24" 1000w front tire would have to come from another brand---which I'm willing to do. It appears the critical issue is the distance between the forks. I was unable to buy a 1000w 24" front fat replacement tire from Addmotor because they are out of stock. They wrote that their actual 1000w motor (used with another model trike) would not fit between the forks 0f my 750 watt M-350 A. Addmotor has not replied to two emails about the fork distance of the M-350 A.

The third email Addmotor has not replied to is, "How to adjust the right rear disk brake; it grabs and causes the trike to vear right. The .jpg they sent doesn't address my problem. it only shows how to adjust a single wheel. I asked for written instructions.

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