HaiBike AllMtn 2.0 -- Sensor access?


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Lo Folks,
Acquired a 2.0 for Xmas, and of course, want to use it my Elemnt. I've noticed that there does not appear to be any sensor offload available, so it seems like I would need to add something like my wahoo speed/cadence to it, but then I wind up with multiple magnets, etc....

Has anyone found a solution that works with the AllMtn 2.0? At one point, it seemed like this is controlled by the display, and I did find a place to buy the one that 'has the feature', but I am not sure if I can change it out safely or what. It seems ridiculous to me that a manufacturer would spec out a bike (in this price bracket) with a sensor... that is then unusable on anything other than their built in, limited display.

Looking for more info from anyone that might have it.