Haibike allmtn rc 2016


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Hi All

I have just purchased a 2016 Haibike Allmtn RC and just wondered if anyone else had this model and what they thought of it both good and bad, is there anything I need to look out for




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Did you get the Sduro? My buddy has one and it is a great bike. Great suspension, motor, and nice component set. I have an Xduro FS which has a little geometry and about an inch less suspension, and the Bosch motor but I wouldn't say one is any better than the other, just slightly different. You'll love yours.


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I have the Haibike FullSeven Sduro AllMtn Plus. Similar to Lanerboy's but with a Yamaha motor and 3-inch fatty tires. I really like the plus-sized tires! But I had to replace the tubes with more puncture-resistant ones. In the process I discovered that my bike is tubeless-ready. I may go that route in the future.