Haibike error code 32

John Clark

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Hi guys new to the thread hope everyone is staying safe.
does anyone know how to cure an issue with the Haibike enduro s, when I ride it an error comes up flashing between battery and the display. Tried all the usual you tube cracks but it will not reset.
i have a Badass tuning mod fitted and it’s worked for 2-3 years not sure what’s going on HELP PLEASE



Please name your specific bike model, it's model year and it's motor brand. The model name is written on the bike and the motor brand is written on the motor.

There is no such bike called the Haibike enduro s. There is an Xduro and Nduro line of bikes. S usually means speed pedelec which makes me wonder why you bought a badass box.


John Clark

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Model no JAHR 2015
Yamaha motor
Hope this helps thanks, JC


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Failure of the torque sensor if it's a PW. Remove the badass and bring it into the shop.