Haibike Flyon Review

Ravi Kempaiah

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Flyon was announced last year and there has been a lot of anticipation. But, it was delayed a little bit because of some technical reasons.
Now, I think they are on track for production ... and here is a very nice review.



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Nice review and some pretty ferocious terrain. Hope to see some more reviews popping up soon that devote more attention to the motor. I wonder if the battery size at 600+ WH is too small given all the extra power. Also, I wonder if there will be variants of the motor for other use-cases (such as commuting) that will perhaps offer less torque/more range and speed?


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I still don't see how this bike is going to fit into the EU market as it is obviously well over 250w. Here in the states it will just raise the eyebrows of the e naysayers that think that all ebikes can climb any hill at the limit.....

61lbs. is crazy heavy for a trail bike. With the weight and power on tap I doubt that a 630wh battery will go the distance as it is my experience that the more watts produced the more wh's consumed.

Obviously I am not the target market type for this bike but I already get the same kind of power out of my 48v/18a TSDZ2 with an 864wh 2170 battery that weighs 15lbs. less. Not as sophistated but less than a thousand $$ installed on my favorite bike that I already have had for years. Plus I can do my own work on it because it is a Model A type system. To each his own I guess!


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Really like the review, nicely done but seems like a waste for the european market and 25km/h. More bike than what I need but good to see it developed. Who knows what the future will bring.

Comparing it to a TSDZ2 seems weird. I ran my brass gear TSDZ2 at 52V(with opensource software) and on paper it beats my Brose equipped 36V Izip Moda E3 but back to back test loop rides(gps recorded with HR monitor) show pretty much identical performance.

My TSDZ2 didnt even last 1k miles before I decided it was best to become part of landfill (bearing/bb play was ludicrous)

A better comparison would be the bafang ultra
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I wasn't comparing it as much to the TSDZ2, which does have crappy bb bearings (my stock set lasted 700 miles) that can be replaced with higher quality ones in house for relatively pennies or replaced entirely for under $300, as to how the bike above relates to my needs and bank account. If there is a much cheaper way for me to get my ya ya's that in my mind closely imitates the higher price spread (the torque sensor on the TS does a fine job IMNSHO) I am first in line. But I am perfectly happy riding a converted 15yr old steel hardtail so there is that to consider.

At some point when the Bafang M600 comes out in a format that I can get behind I will go with that option. While the Ultra is more powerful, like the TQ, it is porky and I don't need more power over lighter overall weight. There is no way I would consider a 61lb. bike over a 45lb. one for how and where I ride.


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I'm excited to see the TQ motor showing up in more bikes. M1 has versions with a 45kph limit, and even some with no restrictions. With 120Nm of torque, the TQ out pushes everything except the Bafang Ultra Max (I think).


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Waiting On it also. Imo since M1 has an 880wh battery and 980watts motor (the most powerful one) that is a better choice. There’s also the R pedelec -45Mph for 10Grand.
But the Flyon looks better.