Haibike Hardseven/Fullseven RC: compatible child seat?


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I going to purchase an electricial MTB and I like the Haibike Hardseven/Fullseven RC.

I'm going to ride alone 50% of the time and 50% with my child.

Considering the particular form of the frame, I'm asking myself of their are some compatible "bike child seat" (Type: Romer jockey confort).

Is it possible to install such a seat ont those bike?

Will it fit with 27,5 or 29 wheels?

If you have installed such a seat, wich model did you chose?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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Garrick K

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Try a Topeak BabySeat II with the rear rack designed for disc brakes (they have a different model for 27.5" or 29")

The Hardseven should have mount points near the rear axle for the rack, but nothing near the seatpost. So, you can build a mount with brackets or get something like this:

So, if it's a Hardseven or Hardnine, you can put a rack mounted seat on. With a Full suspension bike, I think you'll need a trailer.

Chris Nolte

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How old is your child? You could also consider a seat that mounts to the stem. Yepp makes one called the Mini. On a hardtail you could try the Maxi with the seat tube adapter. I think this would provide some flex making for a more cofortable ride on rougher terrain. The Thule seat also works in a similar way.