Haibike in Canada?


I heard rumors but can you point to a site to know where/who the 2020 retailers are?
What Ebikes will be available?
When will they be available?
I am in Quebec, Thanks.

Mass Deduction

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At this point, there is no distribution of Haibike in Canada. There are two companies partnering in distributing Haibike in North America, but they're choosing to not exercise their rights to sell Haibike in Canada at this time. And since their rights are exclusive, no one else can do it unless and until they cut a deal to let someone else do so (if they even can do, which would depend on the wording of their distribution contract).

So we may see some 2020 Haibikes in Canada, or we may not. My guess is that we won't, but I'd love for my guess to be wrong!

Mass Deduction

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I guess i am limited to Giant because i trust the Yamaha for reliability. Thanks for the info.
We've found Yamaha, Bosch, and Shimano to all be extremely reliable. You'll be happy with any of the above, I expect. Enjoy your new bike, whatever it ends up being! :)