Haibike Motor Upgrading


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Just an update - now going on for over a month, Haibike USA finally got back to me and each reply has been like pulling teeth. I still have no resolution whatsoever from them. They truly are the wrost company I've ever dealt with when trying to get any sort of reply and/or coverage. They make insurance companies seem stellar by comparison.

Crazy Lenny's offer to have the bike looked at by a local tech is still the closest to resolution I've received, but all local techs are booked out 1+ months. Thankfully, ever since taking it apart myself, there haven't been any further cutouts, so fingers crossed there. Now I'm getting a slight rumble, which I think may be from dry bearings, but I honestly dread having to bring it up to anyone, so I'll just hope it doesn't fall apart on me lol.

I would take CL's offer and have a local tech take a look... a case of good beer will move you to the front of the line at the LBS. ;)