Haibike or Scott E Genius


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If you had the choice of either a Haibike 2016 Xduro RC or a Scott E Genius 710 plus both 2016 models with the cx drive and 500 wh battery and both were the same money with the scott bike having 600 miles and the Haibike having 200 miles on the clock which bike you you buy and why

Reason for the question is my mate has the choice of both of these bikes for the same money and does not know which one to buy he is edging towards the Haibike as he has ridden mine but needs advise its his 1st e bike

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If the Scott is one of the bikes that they have conveniently left the chain guard and main suspension pivot bearing cover off, I'd go for the Haibike.

edit.. If you scroll down the recent topics on my newly started eMTB FB page, you will see a thread by someone that has concerns about front sprocket set up on a Scott bike. From what he has written the sprocket has an offset, which makes replacement very expensive when compared with other Bosch powered bikes.
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Depends on what you are going to use it for, and what you might use it for.
I seem to always have a weakness for buying bikes at a great deal (something that you just cannot pass up).
Problem is no matter what the super great deal the price was for the bike, I end up spending more than that upgrading or modifying the bike to fit me or my purpose.
Now, when I look at a bike, I picture everything I am going to do after I buy it, and add up all the upgrades (not just the cost, but if the parts are readily available and compatible).
It is overwhelming when you add up all the parts it takes to convert any bike over, even if it is little things, like making it a commuter (thats plus 500) or something as simple as changing the tires (plus 200).
Obviously with those bikes, you probably going to do aggressive offroading. But will you ride it on the street? low lights conditions? Purchasing a dropper?
And of course which one will be easier to get the drive serviced.