Haibike SDURO FullNine RX - Full Suspension 29er Ebike Review

Ann M.

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80Nm power from the Yamaha mid drive motor is phenomenal with super quick engagement the moment you turn the cranks. The RX package has very high quality components, so this eMTB would be a great bike anyway, just comes with the plus of the electric drive system. I like the balance of the weight of the motor and battery in the middle and low for a more natural feel riding.

https://electricbikereview.com/haibik... The Haibike SDURO FullNine RX is a full suspension 29er with mid-drive motor, slim battery and removable display by Yamaha, offers 80 Nm of torque and zero-cadence pedal assist response. The RX trim level is top of the line with light weight hardware from Shimano, Fox and RockShox, it offers a 20 speed drivetrain for comfortable cadence at a higher range of speeds. The larger wheels carry momentum, span cracks and elevate the frame for excellent cross country riding but suspension travel is limited to 100 mm, the angled top tube lowers stand-over height. The motor is smooth and quiet but slower to cut out, the RPM output is a bit limited with becomes noticeable at lower speeds, no shift sensing but torque is measured so ease off to shift.