Haibike Shift Cable on top of Chainguard

Hey all,

I posted this in the Haibike subforum, but the general one seems to get more traction. Apologies for the double post.

For anyone who has a Haibike, does your chain guard go over the shift cable? Mine came with the chain guard under the cable, which seems like an accident waiting to happen.

On the Haibike site and in all "official" photos, it's underneath the guard. Just want to check before I undo the zipties and stuff it underneath. Thanks!


rich c

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Not sure you need a consensus to do that. If you want it under the slap guard, put it there. Unless you have a full suspension and do a lot of really rough technical single track trails, or jump a lot of curbs, there will never be any contact anyway. On both of my Haibikes that cable comes through the top tube and down the seat stays. It's on top in this picture from CLs.


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