Haibike to offer GPS tracking for SDURO models via eConnect unit

Cameron Newland

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I'm not sure if the new eConnect will be compatible with older Haibike models or if it will only work with 2017+ SDURO/Yamaha models. No idea if it's going to be standard or not. I'll reach out to Haibike and hopefully get some answers and will provide updates on my Overvolted post here.


Do any of you Haibike owners want GPS tracking on your bike? Seems like most of the Stromer ST2 owners like the feature. It probably provides a good amount of peace of mind.


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I'd like it but highly doubt backwards compatibility. Everything except the battery mount is completely new. Motor, display, thumb pad are all new as far as I know.

Texas Jim

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the new Yamaha system looks like the way to go. I can't wait to test ride one. I plan on buying a new ebike in 2017.



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I noticed the new haibike website with 2017 models is up...German only for now, but there is a full catalog with pricing in euros.

I'm disappointed to see the new pw x drive for Yamaha isn't an across the board upgrade, only on the higher end models.