Haibike unleashes mid-motored carbon fiber and electric-suspension e-bikes (Gizmag)

Shea N Encinitas

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I would love Di2 shifting on my e-bike, the dynamic rear suspension, well I'd have to ride it first, for now I will 'settle' for a bouncy seat post. I bet that carbon dream machine is over 10 grand, which I'd put into bullion. Did not see the bicycle weight mentioned, I'll optimistically guess 37.8 Lbs.


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I like the fact that if you're a Mike VanAble 'disciple' ("MTBing is human powered..period!") you can be a hypocrite and own the pedal-only (but-electric-powered) version...while still being able to sneak off in the dead of night and really enjoy the only model that everybody else in the world cares about...the ebike version.
It's hard to impress the ladies at the trailhead if the darn ebiker is always 'one-upping' you (and getting the girl) every darn time that one turns around! :)
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