Haibike Urban Plus Battery options


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Hi All,

I am thinking of buying a used Haibike urban plus for sale on craigslist without a battery. I realize reading the forums this bike was a flop model and was not properly supported. But at the price I am buying, it does not matter. It is still a good value if the motor works and I am able to use it.

Has anyone found a way to make it work with any after market battery?.

Will I still be able to use pedal assist without the COBI App, if I find a way to connect a after market battery.

What kind or size of battery might fit the urban plus battery slot?

What type of battery connectors does the motor use, any adapters I can buy to connect a after market battery?

Anyone willing to sell their old urban plus battery, it does not matter if it does not hold charge, just need it to complete the look or replace cells.