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Pleasure is mine!
Many people have been very kind to me and have helped immensely. I am happy to help in anyway I can.
Trek FX+ is a pretty old model and the tech has moved on quite a bit. The latest bikes are in a league of its own.
I live close to the UIC campus. Let me know if you want to try out my ST2 or Trekking S Rx or both for a day or two and see if it suits your commute.
Whatever you choose, I am pretty certain that these new crop of ebikes will re-ignite your passion for biking.

Hi Ravi!

I've been communicating with Josh @ CrazyLenny's and I've narrowed my interest down to three: 2017 Haibike Urban Plus, 2017 Bulls Lacuba EVO45 and the Stromer ST2. The Urban Plus really looks like it would fit-the-bill, however; I'm a little concerned with the TransX M25 GTS drive unit with the recalls (forum posts do appear that repair/replacement was prompt and some posted that they can definitely feel a difference post-replacement) and the Cobi Smart-connected biking system . . . still working the bugs out or is it truly not ready for prime time? The Urban Plus is a 10+ aesthetically and really surpassed other manufacturers with their choice in components. The Lacuba EVO45 has the Brose drive unit but I'm concerned with how they chose to mount the battery (bottom vs. top-mounted) and where they chose to locate the key lock. On to the Stromer

. . . damn this impresses me but I'm gun-shy after reading several negative posts; can it really be that bad? I also don't want to spend another 1K on an already-pricey ride with stem/front shock upgrades to account for road vibration.

Is there a way to PM or IM you will a few more questions before I head out to CLB's?

Thanks for all your help!

I rode the Super Race for over 500 miles and just switched Trekking S Rx (heavier but has rack, fenders, wider tires, riser handlebar etc). Our store tech uses the SuperRace tight now.
I really enjoyed the Super Race and for summer time, it's a great bike to have. 28c skinny tires on icy roads can be troublesome, for now I am using the Trekking S Rx.

Race is not very different from the SuperRace in terms of performance. Both weigh around 40lbs and have great agility. TRP Zurich cable actuated hydraulic ones on the Race are quite good but I felt the Magura MT4's on the SuperRace to be tiny bit better.

There are mounting points for rack and fenders. 37 miles each way is going to be a lot of saddle time. Feel free to ask me any questions.
How do you like the Trekking over the Race? I am looking at the 5.0 S but see some Urban and Race fo sale at the same price!

Ravi Kempaiah

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How do you like the Trekking over the Race? I am looking at the 5.0 S but see some Urban and Race fo sale at the same price!

Urban S is light, fast and very agile. I carry my laptop+lunch and the Trekking comes handy for carrying a lot of stuff.
If I didn't have that necessity, I would not hesitate to get the Urban S. That is the only bike that came close to holding speed like the Stromer ST2. I was able to consistently maintain 25 mph over 10 miles and its lightness really shines when you carry it up the stairs and stuff.

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I see only 60cm frame being available. If that suits you, at that price, it's a terrific bike.