Haibike XDURO trekking S 9.0 - review?


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I am looking for a city commuter bike.

Interested on Haibike XDURO trekking S 9.0. Any anyone some thoughts about this bike?

Will it be worth waiting for 2019 models are too much for simple commuting bike? Thanks


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For 2019, the Haibike Xduro will be discontinued and replaced by an Sduro Trekking S 9.0 in the EU. Not sure how long it will take that model to make it to the US, however. I had managed to find the 2019 Haibike catalog on Issuu, but unfortunately I think someone took it down.

So from the top of my head, the 2019 Sduro Trekking S9.0 has the following main characteristics:

- Bosch Performance Speed
- 27.5" Super Moto X tires
- Bosch Intube battery
- Roughly the same frame geometry and look as the current Xduro Trekking 9.0 ->>> https://www.e-bikeshop.co.uk/Haibike-sDuro-Trekking-9.0-2018

It's a very nice bike, but It's going to be pricey though. Roughly 4000 Euros for the EU market. Moneywise perhaps you'd be better off trying to find a deal for the current Xduro Trekking S 9.0.