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The Electric Shopping Cruiser Any opinions?

A 250 watt hub is minimal assistance for a lightweight two wheeler. That trike is heavy. Slight boost would be noticed on level ground but there wouldn't be much energy on inclines and zip on hills, especially with a load of stuff in the basket.

If you need a trike, get one and put a stronger mid-drive kit on it. https://tinyurl.com/yd2bjn9q

The forum host has info on the drives https://electricbikereview.com/?s=8fun+mid+drive


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My only comment, they have an incredible warranty. My 10 year old $300 towel heater died, not parts available in the USA. Refunded 100% minus return discounted shipping. (Why don't Americans like warm towels!)


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Liberty Trikes is online only. They also have a user's Facebook page. I believe the current price is $1499 including shipping. They may still be backordered. The frames are made in the US. The trikes are assembled in Philadelphia. We live on a hill which prevented my wife and me from ridding a bike due to our age and her MS. I have a Rad Mini and she can climb any hill I climb. She cannot go off road though.

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Daymak Florence is similar to this Hammacher, but has 500W motor, bigger battery, weighs 60 lbs less and costs less.


The makers of Liberty Trike also have Sun Traditional 24 (all 3 wheels are 24) that also is similar to Hammacher, $1500. But, only 1 speed, no PAS, battery is in a bag and delivery is $250. With 3 speeds, PAS and battery in locking aluminum case should cost about $2,000-2,200 incl. shipping.

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