Handle Bar Extender? What Fits


I ordered a Topeak BarXtender to expand the space available for mounting things on the handlebar.
It doesn't fit well at all, and sort of flops over because the Stromer bars are a little rounded. Has anyone successfully added an extender? Which brand? I have also looked at Minoura Accessory Holder (by the looks of it, it will have the same flopping issue) and BM Works Speed Extender (might be better because it has 2 clamps rather than 1).

I added a small front bag that is blocking my light, and thought the easiest solution was an extender. I like the bag and my light, and would prefer to keep those if possible.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Shea N Encinitas

Active Member
Not easy, cheap or simple, but you may like a Jones H bar, then put the light forward and get the bag that fits that bar. You (or your mech) may need to trim those bars to fit the existing cables and wires, the are a bit wide and sweep back providing a range of hand positions. Just one idea. -S


That looks like an innovative solution, and one I had never even heard about. My concern would be having the wires and other electronics messed with. Still, I appreciate the idea.

Maybe I should get a smaller bag or a taller light. Neither of those is that easy either. Since I have a step-through frame, the frame bags don't work. All the lights I saw at the LBS were short, and sat low on the handlebar. Since I have a topeak rack with the folding bags on the rear, I can't use a saddle bag. Who knew this would be such an issue!