Handlebar Mods


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I was not happy with the width of the bars on the 2013 Turbo S. Way too wide for me. The 2014 specs say 580mm, but my bars were 680mm on the 2013. I ended up buying a Ritchey Pro Rizer, and trimmed 10mm from each side with a pipe cutter, making the total width 650-ish Plus they have 35mm of rise, with 3 degrees less back sweep. Very very happy with the new layout.

I also didn't like how the breakout controller was the lock on for the right grip, as I was constantly hitting the (-) button. So I moved that off the grip, shimmed it with some rubber pads and torqued it down. Then used a regular Specialized lock on for the right grip. Now the right grip I can torque to the full 6 Nm without worrying about the electronics.

Rode a few miles tonight and feel much more comfortable. As a comparison, I use 44cm width bars on my drop bar bikes, so the narrower riser bars feel much more natural for me. I didn't want to cut the Specialized bars in case I wanted to return everything stock.