Handrails or simple handlebars for riding with one kid?


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I've had a Radwagon for about two weeks, and so far, I love this thing. This is my first ebike, and it accelerates much quicker and stronger than I expected. I have not even used pedal assist levels 4 and 5, as I find 2 and 3 more than sufficient for flat and slight uphill riding. In those two weeks, I have not driven my 3-year-old son to daycare once; each day, I ride the 3.5 miles one way four times to drop him off and pick him up. The distance seems shrunk in half compared to how it felt with my muscle-powered bike. He is still too short to ride on the back, but I did order the handrail cage (which the company calls "caboose") together with the bike. I haven't assembled it yet, and I'm having second thoughts. Is the handrail cage even useful given that I'll be riding with only one child in the back, or should I exchange it for simple handlebars that mount to the rear rack, just behind my seat? If anyone has experience with this, I'd love to hear about them.