Hangout with Pros like Neal Saiki etc

Ravi Kempaiah

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Here is an idea: let's do google hangouts with top guys in the industry. This builds excellent community of like-minded people. We could bring in a lot of good guys.

People always appreciate multiple viewpoints as opposed to one. This also makes EBR community a vibrant one. In an era of open source and information, dynamic community is what we need.

BTW, Neal Saiki is the guy to interview. You should track him down in Santa Cruz and do a review like you did with Larry.

This guy has done a ton of cool stuff like World Aviation record, Santa Cruz bikes, Zero S electric motorcycles and now NTS.
May be a google hangout with him and all of us, we could ask him questions and that discussion would be an excellent way to build a community.
You could moderate the discussion. Some weekend, it should be fun.
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Good idea Ravi! I'd like to do more industry interaction stuff (actually meeting some great people on my trip). I've been in touch with NTS but have not reviewed their bikes yet. Hopefully at Interbike or sometime soon, I'll stay in touch ;)