Has anybody tried BLevo with the BLOKS display?

Stefan Mikes

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Hi All,

As some of you might have already learnt, the older BLOKS display of my Turbo Vado 5.0 with the 1.2S motor cannot be replaced with the newer TCD-W display, effectively rendering Mission Control app unusable. (Yes, I have read the other thread about "solution available", no help for me).

The BLOKS is discoverable by my Android smartphone as a Bluetooth device but of course it is not compatible with Mission Control app. Perhaps BLevo could work with BLOKS? The problem is BLevo is a paid app and I don't want to pay just for possibly failed test. The author of BLevo wrote on his blog he never tested a Vado.

Has anybody tried the BLevo app with the BLOKS display? Will it work?

Stefan Mikes

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I have talked with Paolo Diozi. He made a license of BLEvo available to me. Unluckily, it does not work with the BLOKS display, which is just a crap.


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I had a conversation with Paolo as well, he said he has not had time to test on Como or Vado but looks like you already have.

There is a posting on here from Planet 3 about a workaround. I believe it involves adding a couple of their speed governor removers and changing your unit of measure to km/hr which would then be equivalent to mph. This addition if I remember correctly works with the BLevo unit.

Stefan Mikes

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I don't know how that would work with Planet 3, @shepherd1. What is known for sure is:
1. Any Como or Vado that can work with Mission Control app should work with BLEvo but nobody tested that. We are talking about the 25 km/h or 20 mph versions of these e-bikes;
2. Vado 5.0 and 6.0 that have the BLOKS display will neither work with Mission Control nor with BLEvo. Newer Vados 5.0/6.0 with TCD-W display might work.

Now, I can understand in what trouble Specialized are. Each vehicle that is an S-Pedelec (speed e-bike) needs to have an individual Certificate of Conformity because the law treats it as a moped. Once the speed version of Vado was certified with the BLOKS display, changing the display would mean breaking the law. It is even because of such a stupid thing as a valid odometer. Once I have understood the facts, I accepted them and am happy riding my 2017 Vado 5.0. The software update has worked and now my Vado is just a marvel; I only cannot control it from a smartphone.