Has anyone had issues using the FLX Trail as a commuter?

Bayou life

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Getting ready to buy my first ebike, FLX T rail. The main reason I selected this bike is to use on trails for the weekend. But I’m thinking about also using it as a daily commuter. The ride will be around 10 miles each way. Has anyone had problems using it on a daily basis like this?
Thanks for any feedback.


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Just joined and saw your post.
I've got 500 miles of daily road commute. 8 miles one-way. About 400ft elevation ascent/descend. I've been using #3, #4, & #5 (max) pedal assist, averaging 20 mph, hitting max 30 ~32mph downhill. So far all good. Only kickstand broke, heavy and very poor material quality.
Overall, I'm happy with the Trail, though I wish it was 48V and more powerful like the Blade but that's why they charge you $4k.
Hoping someone hacks it and puts a 48V pack sometime soon