Has anyone purchased this chainwheel yet?"LEKKIE BLING RING, 42T CNC CHAIN WHEEL FOR BAFANG BBS02"


I spoke to Matt about this. He highly recommended it for specific applications. The built in offset puts the chain ring inward and makes it easier to run your gear changes on your rear cassette without adding as much side load on your chain/ derailier . Basically like using your mid chain ring on a 3 ring crank set.
It might be worth your while spending a little bit more to deal with a U.S. distributor.
Matt is very knowledgable and straightforward.


Bud Baker

Purchased from Paul, well made and perfect fit. Blue! No chain guard so your long leg pants are exposed to ring. Couldn't find aftermarket guard to fit bolt pattern. Worth the money if in your budget.


Well, I purchased it yesterday! I ordered it in blue as well (as that was the only option other than gold).
I'll fill you in when I get it and install. Im sure we've all had chain problems. I've tried correcting all of them, lol!
First, I thought I would put a thicker chain on it for strength reasons and shifting purposes(not a good idea).
It caused more chain bashing and derailment than I would've thought. I had my local guy adjust the gearing and about a mile down the road, the chain snapped. I ended up going with a thinner less flexible chain and "so far, so good"!


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I haven't had a single chain drop since I installed mine. Before, it was a regular occurrence.


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There is an Italian company that makes a 41 and 42 T offset for the BBSO2. They also make a 38T that doesn't require an adapter. I believe another member tried the 38 and didn't like his chain line