Has anyone seen/ridden IZIP E3 Peak (full suspension bike)?


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From the Sea Otter Classic



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I emailed Larry asking him about it. It looks interesting!!!! It is a prototype and he said that it should be out in August or September. It looks good. Hopefully it is affordable too! It has to be priced under the Haibike!!


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The great thing about IZIP is people recognize the name and quality so even if you guys have to sell the hardtail Peak on Craigslist or something it should keep a higher value ;)

Larry showed me the bike when I met his team working on the prototype during my visit/tour earlier this year. Very cool design, excited to have some lower priced centerdrive ebikes hitting the market and challenging Bosch. Of course... it was a top secret part of the tour so no footage for you guys this time :rolleyes: