Has Prodeco Abandoned the "Storm" Name

George S.

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There was a fight between Prodeco and Storm Sondors over the name Sondors originally had on his bike. They changed from the "Storm" to the "Sondors". People on the Sondors comments page said some bad stuff about Prodeco, the company.

I don't see a Storm model on the Prodeco site anymore, and the Storm models on Amazon seem to be listed as unavailable, maybe permanently out of stock.

Joe Remi

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I suspect Prodeco is just sick of the whole thing. Much to the world's shock, Sondors actually ended up producing a bike a lot of people seem to like, and his first name is still very much attached to it. In the end I think Prodeco lost that branding battle.

Ann M.

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Naw, Prodeco Tech still has a fat tire ebike, they chose to name it the Rebel and are focusing more on the downtube, in the frame, bike design. It's also realistic that too many nearly identical bike styles required a bit of slimming on the SKUs, so the Storm was the older style and redundant.