Have you seen Tora's latest video?


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Like he says in the video, it is a whole new world out there.

Interesting that in China one has to download an app on their phone so that the authorities can watch where you are going in-country. Wonder how something like that would fly in the Western world, even during the current pandemic. I guess that I would be in trouble since I keep my 'location services' turned off on my phone.

Wish the Hyper Scrambler timeline was a little further along. Waiting on a pre-paid bike for my wife. Hope at least they hit the current July delivery date.


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Crazy, can't imagine why he needs to be there physically.
One of his colleagues had told me he spends more time there than stateside.

I can't speak to Tora's factory, but it's commonly said that in China if you don't keep a close eye on operations, corners get cut and quality control plummets. It's not a turnkey operation. Cf. Chabuduo.

Plus Tora presumably has a solid design/distribution team in San Diego, so the focus is in China.

Bruce Arnold

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I read an article today by an American woman who is a university professor in China. She had been out of the country for a while, so on her return she had to do a 14 day quarantine in her apartment. She'd order what she needed online and every 3 days one of the local cadres would deliver it to her. She said it was not bad, all things considered. When her quarantine was complete, they put an app on her phone that had what she called "a green scan phone code" that would allow her to enter stores. It would turn red if she left town or turned off her GPS. She didn't say, and I haven't heard elsewhere, whether it was used for actual tracking. Seems like a clever use of geo-fencing would do the trick, and that's what it sounded like in her article. And of course if you turn location services off, there's the chance that you were up to something. So all that would accomplish the purpose, without the need for endless man-hours actively tracking everyone's phone. I wonder if @Tora Harris will receive something like that when he's out of quarantine? Maybe he'll do another video. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be interested.