Headlight and trailer for 2019 Quick-e


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I have 2 questions.. first, has anyone tried attaching a Burley trailer to their Quick-e? If someone could give me a clue on what you did to make it work my appreciation would be great. Secondly, I want to replace the stock headlight with something significantly more effective. What can be recommended as a direct replacement? Thank you in advance for your help.


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Hi Mike,

I have a Chariot trailer attached to my Quick E. You need a dropout adapter to clear the frame. Thule make one here that should probably work with your Burley.

In terms of headlights, the Quick E has an AXA Blueline 50, which is a 50lux headlight. Busch and Muller make ebike headlights up to 150 lux that should work with your bike here:

There are a few issues though. To do the job properly you really have to drop the motor to access the light connectors. Otherwise you will need to cut and rejoin the cable at the top of the frame. There doesn’t seem to be an option to join the connectors at the light. I looked into this and decided it would just be easier to run a USB light off the charging port on the Evo display.

Good luck!


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Yep, you should be able to splice the wires. There is actually a bit of slack in the wire, so you can pull a fair bit out and pack it back in. You’d want to do it properly so it didn’t vibrate or come apart. Twist wires together, solder and heat shrink would probably do it. You might struggle to get crimped spade lugs back in through the hole in the down tube, but I’m not speaking from experience.


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You can splice the wires to the IQ-X E and then stuff them back down into the frame. There is plenty of extra wire in the bike. I did mine about a year ago and it has worked great since. Just to be sure, test the light before you make your final connections. For me the marked + & - were backwards from the light to the bike. I used solder connections with heat shrink to prevent vibrations from breaking my connection in the future.
You won't be disappointed with the IQ-X E. It is plenty bright and has a great cutoff so you don't blind others. I ride unlit trails for most of my commute.