Headlight disconnected- Turbo Vado


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Just got a new Vado 4.0 last week and it’s awesome! What a great bike, and a nice powerful motor.

But on my way from the bike shop - which is over an hour away - I moved the front tire too far back and disconnected the headlight. The wires just pulled right out of the black cable housing.

Well, the two bare wires were a bad look, so I tried to reconnect. I had to strip away the casing and came down to a connector that I cant figure out.... its basically two holes that dont grab the bare wires. Do I have to take this in to the LBS to get it fixed, or is there some obvious simple way to fix it?

Mr. Max

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I'd definitely bring it back to your LBS and see what they say. Can't hurt right?

That happened to me one time before I got a rear rack installed on my car and had to pull the front wheel off to put the my Vado 4 in the back of my car. The handlebar twisted forwards and popped the headlight wire out. Fortunately for me the headlight wire didn't completely disconnect, but the rubber seal on the light's electrical wire unseated itself. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the rubber seal back in place. It always would pop back out. I ended up resealing it all with clear silicone sealant. Now the connection is solid and waterproof.

Fingers crossed for you! Let us know what happens.