"HEAT" Error message

I own a Stromer ST-1 since Oct. 2014 with 3300 miles. Yesterday while doing a 7 miles climb of average 8% grade, at mile 5 I got an error message..."HEAT" In 3300 miles I have never gotten any error message. I was in Eco mode averaging about 7 mph. The air temp was 63 degrees. I know this is a long steep climb but I have done this many times before in warmer temps with no error messages. I have a call into Stromer Tech Support but thought someone in the forum may have encountered a similar problem. Thanks in advance for your responses.


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Maybe, you were too slow this time.

Below approx. 15km/h is the efficiency of the motor is poor. In earlier settings, HEAT was followed by OVERHEAT. Your decision to stop and have a break was best. Removing the battery should not be necessary. If, for any reason, you don't take care about the HEAT message, the system will shut down itself to protect the electronical parts in the motor.

I refer on your comment to "Stromer Forum Support Group"