Helllllpppp! D series 26" build problem - different to 29"??


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I'm very confused - I have a D500, which was originally built into a 29" rim.

I want to fit it to a bike with 26" wheels - so local wheel builder attempted this today. as soon as the spokes are tensioned, it appears to compress the casing and the motor rubs internally - loosening the spokes and this returns to normal.

The UK distributor kindly changed the firmware and said they are otherwise the same hub.

So what is different about the factory 26" wheel?

wheel builder says I need to get a super wide rim with big spoke hole stagger to reduce the 'bend on the spokes which contact the casing.

A straight pull wheel can only be built one way, so can't vary the 3-cross.

Anyone got a 26" D series built - and did you have these issues? Any tips?



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