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Hi Everybody,

This is Max, from Holland.

I have bought a second hand battery recently, got a nice deal, because it came without charger, thinking I could buy a correct charger for it later...However, the connector on this battery turns out to be rather NON standard, or maybe its me, but i don't know what this connector is called, so i cannot google it correctly

The connector is neither round nor real triangle or rectangular...It has 2 large horizontal ( or vertical, depending on how you look at it) and 5! smaller horizontal ( same orientation as the to larger) female connections, side by side ( so 2+5)

I cannot seem to be able to find the correct adapter, because the battery als comes without any usable text/identifiable info

A photo has been added.

I hope someone here recognizes the connector and can help me further.

Thanx in advance!

with regards,


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I've searched for several different ebike battery connectors and have yet to see something like this one. Unfortunately, there are many proprietary connectors in use that are difficult or impossible to obtain.

The two large contacts are probably for a motor but what are the 5 small contacts used for? The battery likely has an internal BMS and a wiring diagram will be necessary to establish the proper connections.

Perhaps posting a picture of the battery profile will help with identification.

In any case, welcome to the forum! Hopefully, someone else will offer more help than I have.