Hello ... Evelo Orion just arrived today


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After having my left knee replaced twice in 3 years and struggling on a Trek Navigator for rehab I finally bought an e-bike to help me get the exercise I need. The pedal assist is so much easier on my knee. I went 10 miles this evening and the knee wasn't swollen at all. Good to see there is a forum. I live in the north DFW area and have never seen an e-bike around.


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MadCity, Peoples Republic of Madison
Congratulations on your new ebike. You will enjoy EBR, and the forums. Court developed EBR into great site, and the people are so respectful and helpful.

Happy trails

Ann M.

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Tim, I know it's great to be able to ride again; congrats on the ebike and welcome to our Community. Looking forward to hearing more about your rides and hopefully, a few pics of your bike and where you ride. We're all here to share a lot of support and technical info. Dallas is pretty big but guarantee you there are other ebikes there, just a lot of space in between them :D. Small Planet Ebikes has a shop in Dallas which might be a good place to meet with other ebike folks or start a weekly social ride group if Tom doesn't already have one.