Hello Everyone...iGO Berri delivered


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Hi Everyone...I am Ken from NE Ohio and yesterday we picked up our first e-bike...actually it is my wife's e-bike...and we love it. Our local bike dealer was awesome to work with...hooked us up with a free helmet while we also added a mirror (a must IMHO) as well as a bottle holder. Mine remains on back order thanks to all the supply chain issues. Just wanted to thank everyone for all the contribution on this site...soon we will pimp her/him/it out with a trunk bag and get us a good bike lock. Last bike i purchases cost less than $100 at Walmart, so this is a giant leap forward...i have so much to learn about e-biking.


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Hello Pensfan:
I am a new member as well. In our case my bike arrived first (Giant) and my wife has a delivery date of February, 2022 for her Trek. I am sure you both will enjoy the new bikes.


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A big welcome to both of you. Lots of friendly and experienced members here. Don’t be shy to jump in on any conversation whether to seek information or to ask about your issues. My advice to all members is to ride safe and responsibly and good luck.