Hello from Brevard, North Carolina


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Happy new owner of a Specialized Creo Comp. I have been a cyclist for over 50 years starting as a kid. I've owned Raleigh, Trek, Cannondale and Specialized road bikes. Most of my riding has been in Michigan and Ohio where we have wind rather than climbs. Now, however we are in the mountains. And, reaching the awesome age of 75, I have lost some power for the challenging climbs I encounter daily. So, swallowing my pride, I purchased the Creo to assist on the ups. I transitioned from a 2017 Roubaix. I mostly use the motor assist on long or steep climbs and have it off for rollers and flats. This bike is a game changer and great fun.


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Good for you mvsoske, happy to hear that you’re still riding. At a time in our lives physical strength wanes and what better way to be able to do what we enjoy, such as biking where we can get some help. No pride to swallow, it’s life and will attack every one of us at some point. Keep on and God bless you. Just ride safe and responsibly.