Hello from Columbus, Ohio - New Himiway Cruiser Rider


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Put together yesterday and drove it about 20 miles - Very happy owner so far.
As a new owner I'll reserve judgment a bit about the longevity but my first impression is that this bike is very well built with good craftsmanship on welds, paint and all the parts seem to be of high quality.
I have the included fenders and lights installed as well as an accessor phone holder.
I plan to add a left side mirror, lizard skins and make some kind of holder for my MP3 speaker
The delivery got delayed a bit but got it 13 days from order and it was well packaged and included all parts.
I'm glad I found this forum and suggestions to check out videos on YouTube regarding the speedo-controller setup and fork adjustments.
I'm impressed with the power and smooth riding of the bike.
My plan is to get exercise pedaling/cardio but reduce some wear and tear off my knees.
I live in a quiet suburb with well paved streets and traffic that is light and slow.
I spent a lot of time as a youth on a bike and moped on these streets and its great to get back out and enjoy the scenery.


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Welcome to the site StveR, it’s a wonderful way to go. You will get all the exercise you need while having fun besides. Good luck and ride safe.