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Hi all, I've actually been a reader here for a few months, particularly of the incredible reviews. I used a lot of information that I've accumulated here to finally by my first ebike, an IGO Laurentian. (I keep forgetting to take pics of it, but it's a sharp looking bike) I love the bike so far, only thing I don't like is the weight, but I knew about that going in. (it's pretty average weight as far as ebikes go, about 58lbs with battery) After about a week, I'm finally clear (I think) on how the shifters work. It's a different system than the Schwinn I rode for a million miles as a kid, and my current Trek. I've only done rides in my general neighborhood so far, hoping to hit some bike trails soon.

My main concern is having a mechanical issue far from home/ car. I can do basic stuff on a normal bike, but this one is much more intimidating - and as we all know, a real pain to push or carry.

I want to thank Court, especially, for the wonderful site, and your incredibly comprehensive video and written reviews. I appreciate that you cover almost every single aspect of each bike, and in such an organized and entertaining way.

Edit: pic I took today. IGO1.jpeg
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